making GREENPOPular

”The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is now.” – African proverb


Greenpop is a non-profit organisation based in Cape Town, South Africa and founded by the Tree-E-O, Misha Teasdale, who had the goal of planting 1000 trees in one month in under-greened communities in Cape Town. They collaborate with passionate individuals and organisations to plant trees, provide eco-education, grow gardens, and (re)connect people throughout Southern Africa.



Greenpop hosts various events throughout the year with selected communities to ensure community development and active citizenship. After the trees have been planted, they ensure that the communities have maintained their projects sustainably. These events include:

  • Reforest Fest
  • Zambia Festival of Action
  • Hogsback Festival of Trees
  • Cool as Folk


Positive Aspects:

The Zambia Festival of Action is an annual event where Greenpop visits the town of Livingstone to plant trees, connect with active citizens around the world, learn about permaculture, upcycle, build with eco-materials, give back, grow, share, and get active.

Over the past four years, the project has developed into a multi-focused approach to tree planting; by involving other workshops such as eco-enterprises, waste management training, food forest projects, as well as skills development and leadership.

Sam and a local Zambian tree planting in Livingstone. All ages welcome.


In 2010, 15 000 baby trees were waiting to be planted in Zambia, sparking the idea to take Greenpop to Zambia and explore the opportunity of an ongoing campaign. In 2016, a total of 14 319 trees have been planted, 7 food gardens created, and 3000 helpful hands that show how much Greenpop’s campaign has grown. 

Promotional Tools:

Greenpop can be connected through their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. They also have a YouTube channel as well as a dedicated website which includes a blog. Greenpop visits surrounding schools in Cape Town and even came out to Stellenbosch University to create awareness for the Festival of Action campaign. In April 2016, Greenpop visited the United States of America to market and raise funds for the Festival of Action through the Annual Artists for Africa Auction in New York. 

Greenpop collaborated with many international brands such as Livingstone Tourism and Zambezi FM 94.1. Furthermore, familiar local brands such as Superbalist is Rocking the Daisies, NOMU and Tribe Coffee Roasting also contributed to the success in 2016. Givengain is a platform where individuals become activists to raise funds for a cause. Greenpop used this platform to encourage their volunteers to raise funds for trees that they will be planting in Zambia. The ‘Trees for Fees’ campaign allows volunteers to create a profile for citizens to donate R120 that not only pays for a tree in Zambia, but also contributes to their journey to Livingstone. 

Matthew (left) and Misha (right) in Livingstone for the Zambia Festival of Action 2016. Misha dressed by Greenpop official merchandise.

Jeremy Hewitt, or known today as the South African folk musician Jeremy Loops, is a co-founder of Greenpop and played a few of his first gigs at Greenpop fundraising events. There is no doubt that Jeremy Loops plays a huge role in the promotional campaign of Greenpop; through his world tours and active engagement with fans.


Greenpop promotes the notion of active citizenship which is essentially targeted to all humans on planet earth. There are numerous ways for individuals, including schools, to get involved by interning, volunteering (IN ZAMBIA), and fundraising for trees. Companies can also get involved by donating, planting and gifting trees, as well as through fundraising events.

Music is a remarkable and powerful channel for expressing messages across languages, cultures, and age groups. Alex Paullin, the musical facilitator of the campaign, is the founder of The Conservation Music Project which emphasises changes in humanity through musical collaboration. Music is a central part of Greenpop’s philosophy which can attract people who enjoy the sound of music, including the unique set of fans that accompany Jeremy Loops.

Furthermore, they will attract environmentalists and active change makers who want to live sustainably.



Do you dig trees? Then look out for Greenpop’s latest campaign…

During September a.k.a Arbor month in the Green World, Greenpop created the ‘Got Wood’ campaign to encourage people to be more active (and not anxious!) about the future of our planet. Going back to their roots, Greenpop decided to raise funds for another 1000 trees during Arbor Month. 

Donate here: 

Pre-register for the Zambia Festival of Action 2017 here: 

Find Greenpop at the Hemporium Stage at Superbalist is Rocking the Daisies:












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